Common Hikvision Troubleshooting Tips

Posted by   Adam Downey
11 Jun 2019

We are constantly updating the below in an effort to help answer the most common queries for Hikvision & HiLook products.

  • I get nothing on screen on first start-up, but hear the 'beep'? 
    In an effort to ensure maximum compatibility Hikvision DVRs and NVRs are shipped out on their lowest resolution setting, often 1024*768 or similar then giving you the option to increase the resolution to the best that your display can support. Ironically this setting can be too low for some older widescreen display types which do require the format to at least be 1280*720 - the lowest widescreen HD setting.

    To resolve this you will either need to use another display temporarily to adjust the setting - or change it via the web interface when it's hooked up to your network via Configuration > System Settings > Menu Output.

  • My mouse does not work?
    This pops up now and again on recorders with independently configurable display outputs (so you can have a main screen for all cameras and controlling the device and another with a select few cameras in a shop front, for example). What is happening is (also under the same menu section as above), the machine is set to ‘automatically’ assign the menu output and mouse control to a particular display.

    For some reason this must decide to set the mouse control to a display that is not even connected sometimes! So if you login to the above section and force it onto HDMI/VGA you should be good to go – or connect your display to the other display port/use another display to see your mouse cursor and select as appropriate.
  • The recorder is bleeping and it is not recording?
    This is to be expected if:
  1. There newly installed hard drive has not been initialized has not yet been initialised or formatted. This can be done via the HDD/storage menu.
  2. The hard drive has gone faulty: look under the HDD menu and check the status – if it has ‘abnormal’, anything similar or is simply not showing, it is time for a replacement
  3. There is no HDD installed

    You can supress the warnings by going to events > exceptions and deselecting audible alerts for the ‘HDD error’ and ‘Record Exception – but they are there to tell you the recorder is not doing it’s job!