LigoWave DLB 5-20ac 5Ghz PTP Kit

Ligo-DLB 5-20ac-d Kit

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Wireless bridge kit includes everything you need to connect two locations together

Please purchase required length ethernet cables.

LigoWave DLB 5-20ac 5Ghz PTP KIT

Our complete Deliberant Wireless Bridge Kit package will include EVERYTHING you need to connect two locations together.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x LigoWave DLB 5-20ac 5Ghz Units
  • 2 x LigoWave PoE Injectors (Power Over Ethernet)
  • 2 x Pole Mounting Kits (with wall bolts and wall plugs)
  • Pre Configuration (Email us your details)
  • Technical Support (From Wifigear)


LigoWave DLB 5-20ac 5Ghz Bridge

LigoWave’s DLB 5-20ac delivers the highest performance and stability available in the 5 GHz CPE class. This product combines a highly advanced radio core containing MIMO 2x2 technology with an integrated, high-gain, dual polarization directional antenna. The feature-rich operating system is optimized for ultra-high performance wireless communications while optionally allowing compatibility with older 802.11 a standard devices.

The smart dynamic polling based protocol (iPoll 2) ensures reliable communication even in congested areas with 64 client devices connected to a base-station. Equipped with LigoWave’s dual firmware image feature, remote software upgrades are assured even if a power failure interrupts the process. The device will restart using the prior firmware in the event of an upgrade failure.

The enclosure is made of polycarbonate plastic with UV inhibitors to provide years of outdoor exposure in direct sunlight without cracking. The DLB 5-20 was designed and tested to meet an IP-66 rating as well as vibration, temperature, drop, salt, fog, and electrical surge standards to ensure a high level of reliability unsurpassed in the industry. It is equipped with a grounding lug and a grounded 24-volt PoE to allow a professional installation, resistant to electrical surges.


The DLB OS is a highly functional and easy to use operating system. This powerful and flexible operating system ensures flawless operation of all DLB hardware devices and effortless setup for those deploying the networks.

  • Smart polling data transmission protocol (iPoll 2)
  • Dual-firmware image support
  • Responsive HTML 5 based GUI
  • 500 Mbps capacity
  • 80,000 PPS rate
  • IPv6 support
  • WNMS compatible

Datasheet (LigoDLB_5-20_ac.pdf, 743 Kb) [Download]

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