PTZ cameras

CCTV Cameras can be suited to different needs. Most are weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, however some are indoor only. All analogue cameras are wired typically and the quality of picture comes down to a number of factors including TV Lines, which is the measurement of resolution. 650TVL used to be the maximum for a colour camera (some are stated as 700TVL, which is when they revert to Black and White at night) although recent advances in analogue CCTV technology have further pushed resolution to 1000TV lines.

Dome cameras are better to be ceiling mounted and are more discreet while bracket cameras with the hood can be better for exposed outdoor installs. The final consideration is the lens. While some are fixed (usually a wide angle) others are adjustable and are known as vari-focal allowing the camera to be setup with the perfect angle & zoom on install.

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